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Destination Spotlight: Chicago, the windy city…

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Eh Chicago! The windy city has it all. Amazing architecture, pretty parks and fantastic nightlife, what more could you want? More details? I’m too good to you, here you go.

Nightlife doesn’t come much better than Chicago’s. Whether it’s an evening at the theatre you’re after or to kick back at a blues club Chicago has it all. The Magnificent Mile is home to a host of theatres where you can catch cream of the crop of shows and plays. And for a more raucous night out why not try one of Chicago’s many clubs. From blues, jazz, rock and hip hop there are clubs to suit every taste.

But before you hit the clubs why not treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants Chicago has to offer. Michigan Avenue is the place to be for an eclectic selection of eateries. But if you know exactly what you want then it couldn’t be easier. From China Town to Little Italy, Chicago has a restaurant for everyone,

And ladies, worry not, there is plenty of shopping to be had in Chicago. Michigan Avenue is home to some of the most up market and fabulous shops in the world from Bloomingdales to Tiffany’s and, of course, Saks Fifth Avenue so get your credit card at the ready.

Culture vulture are not left out. Visit The Art Institute of Chicago for an fascinating selection if impressionist art. The architecture in Chicago is second to none. Make sure you check out the Sears Tower where you can get a birds eye view the city.

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5 really good reasons to visit Bermuda

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

If you’re anything like me Bermuda is one of those places you know if probably gorgeous, you take that as a given, but you’ve never actually got round to visiting. Why, is anybody’s guess.  The island is as colourful and interesting as you’d imagine. Here are the top five reasons to visit.



Probably the most obvious reason to visit Bermuda is the weather. It’s humid climate means you can guarantee hot weather on your holidays giving you the perfect excuse to buy more bikinis than you know what to do with.



There is plenty of wildlife in Bermuda, including wild cats meaning your trip will be interesting to say the least. But be warned there are also plenty of insects and bugs. Now I know what you’re thinking, I’m not a huge fan of creepy crawlies either but, hey, I think a couple of beetles in a stunning country like Bermuda is much more agreeable than a spider back home in Swindon. As they say, everything looks so much better in the sun.



As you might expect Bermuda is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With deep blue waters and white sand Bermuda beaches are a little taste of paradise. And there are so many of them you may even find one you can have all to yourself. Then again, you could want to find a slightly busy one to show off your bikini!



St Georges in one of the oldest towns in the Southern Hemisphere and is extremely popular with tourists. It has been named a World Heritage Site.



While you’re in Bermuda be sure to catch a performance from the Gombey Dancers. The group’s performances are influenced by imported Native American and African slaves and the shows should not be missed.

Five reasons to visit Sydney

Friday, December 11th, 2009

If spending more than 10 hours on a plane sounds like a version of hell, then you’ll want to be sure you land in somewhere like heaven. Of course, if you’re stepping off that plane in Sydney, then you have nothing to worry about.
Australia offers some of the most breathtaking sights, fabulous cities and stunning beaches in the world. It is impossible to list all the reasons to visit the Australia so here are five of the best of Sydney:

Sydney Harbour Bridge
You cannot visit Australia without seeing the view from Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Pylon Lookout. Alternatively, if you’re feeling fearless, take the opportunity to climb a section of the bridge itself. Visitors are now offered the chance to climb part of the bridge at dusk. For more info check out

The Rocks
Dating back to the days when Sydney was a convict colony, The Rocks is a maze of sandstone lanes, cul-de-sacs and courtyards, jam-packed with shops, warehouses and terraces that were built in the early 19th century. Once home to Sydney’s dockworkers, The Rocks is now popular with international visitors, who flock to its many shops, pubs and restaurants.

Luna Park
If huge, modern amusement parks aren’t your thing then Luna Park in Sydney is the place for you. The 1930s fun fair features vintage rides and has no entrance charge so if you don’t fancy riding you can wonder round this charming park for free!
And keeping with the vintage theme is the North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool. Built in 1938 the outdoor pool has its own restaurant with views over Sydney harbour.

Sydney Opera House
The Sydney opera house is one of the most distinctive buildings in the world and is one of the most famous performing arts venues of all time. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia.

The Sun
Finally, what better reason to visit Australia than the glorious sunshine? It is always sunny in Australia and the best part is when it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere it is summer in Australia so you can escape to Australia for two weeks of sun, sea and sand while everyone back home endures the wind and the rain!

Drake & Cavendish Spotlight on: Argentina

Monday, December 7th, 2009

In football it may be one of our biggest rivals but if you can put aside your national pride for a little while Argentina is one of the most fascinating countries you could wish to visit.

Despite its economic and political problems Argentina’s natural beauty makes it a great place for a holiday and there is plenty to do once you get there.

In Andean Northwest you’ll find some of the most striking natural attractions in the country from subtropical rainforests to desert canyons. There are also plenty of archaeological sites to visit here.

Of course when it comes to natural attractions they don’t get much bigger, or much better than the Iguazu Falls. The 230ft water fall is situated in the Parque Nacional Iguazu in Puerto Iguazu. As well as being aesthetically breathtaking the falls and surrounding areas are also home to various water sports including kayaking and canoeing.

Patagonia is the best place to go to spot wild animals. Think of it as one of the world’s greatest safaris and you won’t be far wrong. Here you can witness flamingos, elephant seals and magnificent sea birds in their natural habitat. Be sure to take your camera!

Then there is Buenos Aires. If it’s a bustling city with fabulous restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere you’re after Buenos Aires is the place to be. It’s also great for a night out with plenty of clubs and bars and great music.

Argentina is a captivating country that will leave you amazed. If you’re looking for a holiday that’s colourful and interesting and full of great places to visit then look no further than this South American gem.