Hotel Du Louvre
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Place Andre Malraux
75001 Paris
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Hotel Description
Looking out of the hotel from each facade, you see famous landmarks in each direction. On one side - the Louvre Museum. On another - the Opera House Garnier. From the third, the Comedie Francaise.
From the fourth, the Palais Royal. You can feel the historical and cultural soul of Paris
pulse all around you.
A boutique hotel atmosphere warmed by rich colors, modern style and Directoire architecture. Elegant yet cozy, the Hotel du Louvre is like a gracious hostess, immediately putting guests at ease, creating a feeling of harmony and well-being.
Built in 1855 on orders from Napoleon III to receive the many visitors to the Universal Exposition, the Hotel du Louvre was the first luxury hotel in France.

This was a time when the Louvre area was dramatically changing. Gone were the old dark alleyways surrounding the Louvre Palace. In their place came the Louvre shops and the Grand Hotel du Louvre.
Luxury Hotel Accommodation
The hotel boasted 700 luxury guestrooms, two elevators and a sweeping staircase. Keeping it all running smoothly required 1,250 employees, including guides, interpreters, an information desk, post office, telegraph room and exchange bureau - all inside the hotel.

The Grand Hotel was renowned for both its French and international cuisine; dishes from all around the world were prepared to perfection.

The hotel's elegance, comfort and splendor won the admiration of its guests. It was the first Grand Hotel in France recognized to be as luxurious as those in New York or in Switzerland.

In 1887, the major department stores were expanding, so the hotel was moved to the other side of the square - where it stands today - in the heart of old Paris. It has since acquired the reputation of a "hotel of character" and has evolved to suit the tastes and needs of its discerning guests.