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More luxury holidays for families in the Caribbean

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Families are taking more luxury holidays to the Caribbean islands, according to the editor of Luxury Travel Magazine.

Alyson Cook says that while family holidays are “usually the last thing to go” in the UK holiday market, her magazine had discovered that the reverse was now true.

She said that research carried out at the beginning of the year within her magazine readership –  upmarket travel agents and premium tour operators – indicated the luxury travel market would not be unduly affected by the credit crunch.

Luxury travellers were said to be “cash rich and time poor”, with their family holiday time “sacrosanct”.

Ms Cook said the Caribbean resorts were particularly popular with families, saying the region is popular because of the child-friendly nature of venues such as Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica.

She added: “The tendency in this particular market, where we are talking about large spend holidays, is that the whole family goes together.

“Quite often grandparents are included and usually the nanny.”

Research conducted by the International Luxury Travel Market in 2007 suggested the luxury travel industry as a whole is booming, with major growth being witnessed in developing markets such as India, Russia and China.