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Abbey finds ‘half term holiday premiums’

Parents planning a holiday for the upcoming half term break will pay extra for the journeys, new research from Abbey shows.

Luxury hotels and other breaks to Spain and Portugal are to carry a 39 per cent premium for the trip – a figure which increases to 78 per cent for US holiday camps.

Abbey found that the average family journey to Spain over the half term will cost £348 – while week-long trips to Cyprus and the Algarve are to cost £439 and £553 respectively.

All three figures are inflated for the half term period, the financial services firm said.

Callum Gibson at Abbey commented: “For many families money is tighter than ever this year, so every penny counts.

“There are a number of ways to keep costs down on foreign holidays such as booking in advance to get the best deal, shopping around for the best price on foreign currency, taking a credit card on holidays that saves you money on foreign exchange fees and putting your holiday on a zero per cent credit card where appropriate.”

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