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Fantasyland Hotel

Let’s face it, day to day life can be rather dull. With the same routine day after day, week after week, it can all get a little monotonous to say the least. Well that’s where the Fantasyland hotel comes into it. When escaping to another country just isn’t enough, how does escaping to another life sound? The Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta, Canada, features themed rooms where guests can live like someone else.

Take the Hollywood room for example. After taking a trip down your own personal Walk of Fame, enter your Hollywood suite. Inside you’ll find a black marble Jacuzzi, a huge dressing room and a king size bed. Luxurious enough for an A-list star it’s impossible not to feel like a celebrity.

Then there is the Luxury Truck room. Imagine you’re on a road trip across Canada, sleeping under the stars in your truck at night. The room contains a truck converted into a king-size bed and a Jacuzzi.

And then there is the Sports room – heaven for any sports fanatic. With a widescreen TV showing Sports highlights, comfy seating, a Jacuzzi and a king-size bed this football-style room is ideal for those who live, sleep and breathe the game.

The hotel features a water park and shopping mall and has 118 rooms in eleven different styles. There are also two restaurants and a lounge bar.

The Fantasyland hotel is ideal for adults and children alike. With a choice of themes you can pick whatever life you want to live and lose yourself in the fantasy.
When you really want to escape the humdrum of everyday life, visit another world and not just another country.

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