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Gearing up in Aspen

Colorado’s largest city, Aspen, has long been acknowledged as the perfect location for a winter getaway.  The ski playground for the rich and famous, during the winter months Aspen is never short of visitors.  But that’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed in the summer too. Here are the top five reasons to visit.

Whether you’re heading to Colorado for a winter break or a summer holiday there is plenty to do on Aspen’s mountains.  Skiing is huge here and during the warmer season hiking and mountain climbing are just as popular. Red Mountain and Smuggler Mountain are two of the favourites in the city.

Water Sports
If it’s an adventure holiday you’re after then Aspen will not disappoint. There are three rivers near the city meaning water sports are a popular hobby. Try kayaking or white water rafting. There are instructors on hand so even amateurs can have a go.

And if the mountains and the lakes don’t provide enough activity for you there’s always paragliding! There are plenty of paragliding providers in the city with instructors giving you training before you take to the sky. The sport is becoming more and more popular in the city thanks to the thrill-seeking vacationers.

In July, Aspen hosts the Blue Notes Jazz Festival featuring some of the greats of the Jazz world. But if you don’t make it to thar don’t worry. The city is big on music and regularly features performances from major acts.

Let’s face it, we all love celeb-spotting and there’s few places better to do it than Aspen. A host of Hollywood stars and award-winning singers vacation in the city with many owning property here. Keep your eyes peeled for Mariah Carey who reportedly spends Christmas here every year and Goldie Hawn who owns a home here.

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