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Hard rock offers ‘wild’ experience

A “wild” new theme park has been opened in the US, the Times reports.

Hard Rock Park, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is dedicated entirely to rock n’ roll music.

The theme park has been developed as an off-shoot of the Hard Rock Cafe chain and boasts priceless music memorabilia for public view, such as Elvis’ motorbike and a set of original sketches from John Lennon.

On-site concerts at the park, which opens on June 2nd, are also scheduled from the likes of Kid Rock and George Clinton.

Tourists more used to the sedate charms of the Disney resorts might be somewhat thrown by the park’s main ride – a Led Zeppelin rollercoaster, with design input from Messrs Page and Plant.

Hard Rock head Steven Goodwin confidedd: “We met them in London and told them we wanted to design a ride around a Led Zep song.

“Straight off, Jimmy said it should be based on Stairway to Heaven, but Robert said, ‘Like, no way, man. Stairway is sacred. People have it played at their funerals, man.’ So we went with Whole Lotta Love.”

Other attractions at the park includes Nights in White Satin – which takes place in blackout conditions – and the Magic Mushroom Garden, a children’s play area.

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