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Internet holiday bookings ‘more popular than travel agents’

Online booking of holidays is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, the Daily Telegraph reports.

According to research from internet pollsters Ciao Surveys, 58 per cent of travellers prefer to book their trips through the internet.

However, just 21 per cent go to a vacations retailer such as a travel agent – with the rest using the telephone.

Ciao Surveys also found that 59 per cent of Britons take “one or more” leisure trips per year.

Reasons for going on holiday were also explored by the firm – which found that 56 per cent of people go away for “sun and relaxation” and 45 per cent take trips for “sightseeing”.

Meanwhile, 33 per cent did so to “enjoy comfort and fine dining” – and 14 per cent of people hoped for a “life changing experience” while on holiday.

Popular destinations uncovered by Ciao Surveys included Australia (preferred by 25 per cent of poll respondents) and North America (20 per cent) – both areas where luxury hotels are commonplace.

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