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Sheraton Seattle Earns Four Green Leaf Rating from Audubon International

Seattle’s Largest Hotel Becomes Washington’s First Eco-Rated Lodging Facility

The Sheraton Seattle, the Northwest’s largest hotel, is pleased to announce it received an eco-rating of four Green Leafs by Audubon International in 2010, making it the first eco-rated lodging facility in Washington. The rating demonstrates the hotel’s environmental commitment through a corporate environmental ethic and innovative programs designed to involve staff, guests and vendors.

“We are proud of the Sheraton Seattle’s commitment to environmental excellence and we continuously strive to improve upon our existing efforts to go green,” said Matthieu Van Der Peet, general manager of the Sheraton Seattle. “The Audubon Green Leaf™ Eco-Rating Program allows us to identify the success of those green efforts and to communicate the results to our guests.”

The Sheraton Seattle has a long-standing environmental ethic.  In 2008, the Sheraton Seattle renewed its commitment to the environment with a comprehensive Green Strategy that focused on building three major areas:  infrastructure and physical enhancements, guest participation and associate awareness and involvement.   In addition to numerous initiatives for water conservation, energy efficiency and waste management, the Sheraton Seattle has excelled at reaching out to and educating hotel guests, staff and vendors to further enhance not only a corporate environmental ethic, but an environmental message that everyone can take home.

“As one of only a handful of lodging facilities to achieve four leafs, the staff and management of the Sheraton Seattle should feel proud of what they have accomplished,” said Kevin Fletcher, Ph.D., executive director of Audubon International.  “We look forward to working with them to continue to improve and find new ways to become more sustainable.”

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