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Architects showcase villa designs in Thailand

Architects and clients are increasingly looking to Thailand to develop some of their most innovative luxury villas and hotel designs, according to an industry expert.

Those keen on purchasing a villa to rent or to have regular luxury holidays abroad, need look no further than Phuket in Thailand, where there is a substantial variation among styles to suit most clients.

Hong Kong-based architect, Adrian McCarrol, explained that much of the revolution of Thai architecture is due to traditional styles not being conducive to “contemporary lifestyle”.

He said: “Owners often tell us that they want their home to embrace their modern way of living but they also want to sense that they are in Thailand.

“Reinterpretation of forms and techniques can be used to infuse a design with a more genuine representation of the local culture and the use of local materials can help reinforce these ideas.”

Meanwhile, the Thai prime minister recently unveiled proposals for the country’s first Casino’s in tourist hotspots including Phuket, Pattaya, Khon Kaen and Chiang Mai.

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