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Britons flock to Europe for luxury holidays

Britons are flocking to Europe to spend their hard-earned cash on luxury holidays, according to research by M&S Money.

The amount of Euros spent abroad is currently valued at £18 billion, with Euro holiday cash currently amounting to 58 per cent of all currency sales within the UK.

However, Robin Broke, director of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (Alva), notes that spending abroad tends to be curtailed by Brits when sterling is weak.

“At the moment the pound has weakened a lot against the euro, so most of Europe’s quite a lot more expensive. This will have some sort of impact.

However, he added that the “trend is still there, not least because we’ve got these very tempting low cost airlines and we’ve got a very well developed outward package tour industry”.

Britons are currently only second to the Germans in terms of going abroad for holidays.

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