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The rise of the US mini-break

A growing number of Britons are willing to fly across the Atlantic for their mini-breaks, new research by the Halifax has revealed.

More than 1.9 million British tourists flocked to the US in 2007 to sample some of the many luxury holidays available.

The Far East attracted the next largest mini-break cohort of Britons, with more than half a million setting off to destinations such as Thailand, Japan and Singapore.

Research by the lender also showed that the number of Brits taking a mini-break is set to increase by 35 per cent in 2008 compared to last year.

Meanwhile, one third of those surveyed (33 per cent) claimed that a growing tolerance of long flight times was behind their increased desire to travel far and wide for even the shortest of trips.

But with more Britons exposing themselves to unexpected conditions across different continents, travel insurance for even mini-breaks lasting less than a week is “vital”.

According to Paul Birkhead, senior manager of Pricing and Underwriting at Halifax Travel Insurance: “Travel insurance will cover you for the unexpected, making it vital that everyone has it.

“Lost baggage, delayed flights or illness can prove expensive, especially if you are 1000′s of miles away from home.”

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