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Delay flying after surgery abroad

Travellers having surgery abroad have been advised to extend their trip.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson, Jason Wakeford notes that some luxury hotel time can be the difference between making a full recovery and returning with problems.

Research by the CAA claims that 514 emergency calls made by UK airlines in 2007 were due to medical conditions, resulting in 58 diversions.

But Mr Wakeford notes that while most conditions are unlikely to cause problems, a delayed trip in which to indulge in a luxury holiday is advisable as a safety measure.

He said: “After day surgery, if you have had that abroad, you may want to delay your return trip to give yourself some extra time to recover.”

CAA guidelines note that reduced barometric pressure and jet lag can all complicate the effects of medication and contribute to travellers’ thrombosis.

Guidelines also advise a prolonged delay of air travel following major surgery, particularly cardiovascular intervention.

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