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No frills airlines not so budget for families

Budget airlines may not offer good value for money for families on luxury holidays, the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) has claimed.

While the headline price per air ticket may be attractive, there are other considerations, such as child-friendly facilities and staff, when booking a family onto a flight abroad.

According to Sean Tipton of Abta, budget airlines don’t offer child fares and will not offer a heavier baggage allowance that is often necessary to cope with any additional family luggage such as a buggy.

By comparison, he notes that “any traditional airline or charter airline will do discounted fares for children, no frills carriers do not”.

He added: “Not always but in many cases, they will fly from inconvenient airports and if you’ve got small children then obviously you’ll want to be in your hotel as quickly as possible.”

Virgin was voted the most child-friendly airline in a Rough Guides survey published in February 2008, while British Airways (BA) was voted second.

Meanwhile, budget airlines Ryanair and easyJet’s combined score was less than one third the individual score for either BA or Virgin.

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