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Newseum opens in Washington

A now useless radio tower, parts of the Berlin Wall and a bullet-ridden car are just some of the items on show in the newly opened Newseum in Washington, US.

Tourists on luxury holidays in the home of the White House, Capitol Hill and one of the world’s first heralds of free speech can now embark on an exploratory tour of the history of news.

Among the thousands of artefacts on show is the World Trade Centre broadcast tower and a 25-meter high marble engraving of the US constitution’s First Amendment.

In keeping with Washington’s historic significance, the Newseum’s executive director notes that it is “dedicated to free speech, free press and free spirit”.

The museum is conveniently located on a famous tourist route, positioned strategically between the presidential White House and the famous Capitol Hill landmark.

Interactive features include the Great hall of News where viewers are surrounded by a constant flow of uncensored news both new and old, and the Hot Seat room where tourists are encouraged to compile a report for broadcast to deadline.

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