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Devil’s Pool ‘the most dangerous swimming in the world’


Extreme swimmers can take a dip in the most spectacular pool in the world during their African holiday, the Times report.

The swimming spot is located in the small natural pool above the Victoria Falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border – just above a sheer 110 metre drop.

While bathing in the pool is near-impossible for most of the year, in the dry season the flow of the Zambezi river is slow enough to make it relatively safe.

However, the so-called Devil’s Pool is open to only the most committed swimmers – being accessible following a treacherous three-hour walk to the edge of the falls.

Bather Francisc Stugren, who recently swam in the pool, commented: “Being in the Devil’s Pool is a serious adrenaline rush.

“If you jump in it adds to the excitement but you can also get in gently. It’s great fun. Some people enjoy it quietly, swimming, looking and thinking, while others just keep screaming.”

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