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Dubai to become ‘theme parks capital’

A construction boom means that Dubai is to host the world’s biggest theme parks, the Times reports.

Dubailand, currently a stretch of desert on the outskirts of the city, will play host to a total of 26 theme parks when the £60 billion project is built.

Marvel Super Heros, Universal Studios and DreamWorks, along with Legoland, are all to build parks on the vast site – which in terms of land area is bigger than Singapore and twice the size of Disney World.

Luxury villas, a golf course designed by Ernie Els, along with three polo fields, will also be incorporated into the complex.

Ahmed Tag Eldeen, a marketing director at Dubailand, commented: “From December 2010, we will be opening a theme park every six months.”

Dubai aims to become one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations in the future, with target visitor numbers of 15 million a year by 2015.

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