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Greyhound goes upmarket with new BoltBus service

The iconic Greyhound bus, which has transported millions of tourists across America over recent decades, has undergone an upgrade.

A new “luxury” option for travellers known as the BoltBus has been launched by the operator to run between New York and Washington, Boston and Philadelphia, the Times reports.

Extra legroom and free on-board WiFi are two of the perks of the new models – which also have very cheap ticket prices.

In line with Greyhound’s “Bolt for a buck” media campaign, at least one seat on each bus has been made available for a single dollar – although these berths tend to sell out weeks in advance of the journey.

“All things considered, what’s not to like? For your American fix, you can now get two sexy cities for pretty much the price of one – twice the restaurants, twice the shops [and] twice the culture,” the report adds.

Tickets for the BoltBus can be booked through

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