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Iceland park ‘the biggest in Europe’

The Scandinavian nation of Iceland is set to create the largest national park in Europe, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Vetnajokull, located to the south-east of the country, incorporates over three million acres of wilderness.

This means that around 13 per cent of the entire land area of Iceland is given over to the protected area.

The park, which has been given its new status by the Icelandic government, contains volcanoes, sand flats, lakes and ravines – as well as one of the biggest glaciers in the continent.

Tourist accessibility to Vetnajokull has been aided by the creation of visitor centres, clearly-marked trail routes and a new network of park rangers.

Commenting on the park’s creation, Olof Yrr Atladottir at the Icelandic Tourist Board said: “National park status will protect the area against development, pollution and other human interference in order to preserve it for future generations.”

The government aims to attract around 40,000 new tourists to the park each year.

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