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Famous feminist hails new Uluru trend

cclaimed writer Germaine Greer, whose book the Female Eunuch is one of the central texts of feminism, has remarked on a new “ethical” trend among tourists.

The enormous rock near Alice Springs - previously called Ayeers Rock but now known by its aboriginal name of Uluru – is one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions.

Historically, many visitors have chipped off pieces of the rock to take home as souvenirs – little realising that Uluru holds sacred significance to local aborigines.

However, many are now sending the small rocks and pebbles back – often with a note simply reading “sorry”.

Around one-quarter of these people have reported some form of bad luck since taking the souvenir, according to research from the University of Western Sydney.

In turn, many of these have attributed the downturns in fortune to their “desecration” of the sacred site.

“Uluru is one of the holiest places in the world. No man-made shrine approaches anything like its sublimity,” Ms Greer writes in the Guardian.

“It is not the thieves who are punished by bad luck when Uluru is desecrated but the [aboriginal] people, for whom the cash revenue from tourism has been lethal,” she added.

“If grace and meaning are to be restored to their lives, Uluru must be cleansed and healed.”

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