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Pre-fab hotels for London 2012

New pre-fabricated luxury hotels are set to be a feature of the 2012 Olympic tourist experience, the Times reports.

The “modular” hotels – which can be quickly constructed and disbanded – are set to be built by Travelodge in time for the London event.

Each building will be able to hold 120 rooms – and is to be manufactured in the Chinese town of Shenzhen.

Building through pre-fab cuts down on construction time by around 25 per cent – and also reduces costs by ten per cent.

However, the structures have also come in for criticism by some on environmental grounds.

Speaking to the newspaper, Simon Storer at the Construction Products Assocaitaion said: “Lowest cost is not necessarily best value as this doesn’t take into account the CO2 emissions from the transport. ”

It is understood that unions are also unhappy about the outsourcing of construction jobs abroad in this way, the report adds.

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